Our goal is to make this process as simple and effective as possible for our customers. Just follow the steps below.

Tell us what you need

Provide a job description, the technologies you need and any specific knowledge the candidates need to have.

Tell us what your budget is

Provide a job description and any necessary information about the technologies you need and specific knowledge.

Interview pre-qualified candidates

Our internal process, explained below, ensures that you only interview the best talent.

Hire your ideal candidate.

You select the best candidate to join your team. The typical response time for the best developers is within 2-4 weeks. If it does not find what you are looking for, there is no obligation to move on.


Our screening process for talent is very strict. This process gives us a high level of confidence, since we have to interview hundreds of candidates to hire the right one. Candidates have to go through all the steps outlined below.

Provide CV for inspection

Undergo a background check

Take aptitude test that allows us to measure their analytical thinking

Take a Coding Skills Test which includes very complex challenges

Take an English proficiency test

Have an online interview with our top Psychologist

Take an online course about best practices for working remotely

Candidates do an Online Interview with the client

You hire the best talent (Once you hire your dedicated developer, they will report to you directly and work full time as part of your team)