(These scenarios are for references only.)

Your Team in the EU

Have your Product Manager, Head of Development, Project Manager, Designer, QA, two Front-End developers, and two Back-End developers sitting in Portugal. UK Cost: £978.000.00 per year MyTeamAbroad: £486.000.00 per year

Your Team in the UK, Portugal and Venezuela

Have your Product Manager in the UK, the Head of Development and Project Manager in Portugal, and the Designer, QA, 2 Front-End developers and 2 Back-End developers sitting in Venezuela. UK Cost: £978.000.00 per year MyTeamAbroad: £438.000.00 per year

Your Team in Portugal and Venezuela

Have your Product Manager, Head of Development, and Project Manager in Portugal, and the Designer, QA, two Front-End developers and two Back-End developers sitting in Venezuela. UK Cost: £978.000,00 per year MyTeamAbroad: £342.000,00 per year


Fully dedicated staff

Our developers work exclusively for you, full time like any other member of your internal team.

Support from a Success Manage

A member of our team will always be with you to make sure your relationship with the developers is successful.

Access to the best developers and talents offshore

Our recruitment process is so strict that its result is simply the best talent available in the country.



We have the best developers with skills in Laravel, React, Node.JS, PHP, Javascript, and Holochain. All of our developers have between 2-7 years of relevant experience..


We have a group of exceptional designers that can help any team with tasks involving branding, UI / UX, Graphic Design, and other activities.


Add an administrative staff member to your team to help you with tasks such as calendar management, activity marking, task management, and other activities.


Because you can hire talent from all over the world, prices vary depending the level of seniority and time zone of the developer. It is important for us know your budget so we can show you on a world map what you can get for your money


With MyTeamAbroad, creating your remote team is an easy task.


Many freelancer accept the work from multipleclients, so you don’t really know how much time they’re spending on your project.

Dedicated employees

Your MyTeamAbroad employee is a dedicate developer who works exclusively for your company.

Cultural and linguistic barriers.

Cultural Differences

All MyTeamAbroad employees come from Westerm countries, minimizing cultural barriers Tools.

Insufficient and unreliable domestic internet connectivity, which can often have low speeds or otherwise be unreliable.


MyTeamAbroad locations all either have 100mb fiber optic connections or multiple DSL connections plus satellite conections with load balancer.

Data security is always a concern for freelancers, especially those who work from home it’s a fact that freelancers sometimes disappear without notice or uptading you on where they are with your project or access to their work. They have also been known to claim that their computer has been damaged or they have lost files.

Data security

MyTeamAbroad in a company based in the UK, and is responsible for any work done by its staff. Our employees all have strict confidentiality clauses about any location where they work.

Freelancers usually work from home in an unprofessional environment. The atmosphere is often full of distractions and does not facilitate high productivity.

Work Environment

MyTeamAbroad has physical operations that are fully managed by human resources, have communal areas, and ofter a vibrant community of highly-trained people working together.

It can be difficult to be sure if a foreign freelancer is working all the hours he claims to be.

Time Control

MyTeamAbroad our offices have a biometric “clock entry” system, which means that workers time is monitored. We also ofter tools for the PC which allow monitoring of time.

Finding a freelancer with the necessary skills and experience can be difficult, especially when searching in a foreing country. It is also difficult to ensure freelancers have the skills they say they have.


Candidates are shortlisted through a rigorous selection process. We can also organize technical tests that are taken at our offices. If you’re not satisfied with your developer, MyTeamAbroad will replace them at no cost to the customer.

Specific skills.


Complete projects with all the necessary skills.