Busting Myths

Remote workers have earned an unfair reputation. The myth that surrounds them is that they are less productive and tend to be less tidy with their activities. Because they don’t have teammates to help keep them on track, they are subject to any type of interaction that impacts them in terms of productivity. Some employers believe that it is too easy for a remote worker become distracted, resulting in unnecessary delays and lack of care for the quality of the final product they deliver. But research shows otherwise.

77% report higher productivity

“Our Survey of Remote Collaboration Workers suggests that both remote workers and their employers can obtain significant benefits, with external employees motivated to work harder and more efficiently to protect the personal and professional benefits of working remotely,” said Michael Fitzpatrick. CEO of ConnectSolutions.

50% of the UK workforce is expected to be working remotely by 2020

Remote work is increasingly common in the technology industry. Companies have discovered that productivity increases, and so does happiness in the workplace. – Stanford University–

Remote workers are part of the team/company culture.

It is also very possible to create a great company culture and motivate people to be invested in the success of a company, and, at the same time, allow people to work remotely. For example, HelpScout, a 100% remote company, records an 81% employee commitment score, a considerably higher number than most traditional companies achieve. – Forbes –


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